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Bulk Emailer is the best email marketing software for running email databases for email marketing campaigns in a few steps.

Bulk Emailer Email Marketing Software

Bulk Emailer is the best email marketing software for managing email databases and organizing email marketing campaigns in a few steps.

Bulk Emailer combines the convenience of popular e-mail software into the flexibility of e-mail service in one product. On the one hand, you create newsletters and manage lists directly on the desktop; on the other hand, you get a cloud-based email tracking service that lets you manage messages and improve your email campaigns.

Email marketing made easy

  • Bulk email marketing doesn’t need expensive web solutions: it can be processed efficiently on a desktop or laptop computer, Keep mailing lists private and manage all bulk emails. Aspects of the mail software strategy. It’s easier, safer, and more cost-effective.
  • Email marketing is based on trusted customer relationships: Bulk-Emailer’ssoftware will help you create it, improve it, and keep it.

Create effective emails. Letters

  • With our bulk email software, you will be able to create beautiful emails. Emails that convert and generate real profits.
  • How? Using our free email. Email templates sorted by category make it easy to choose the right one. Create layouts using embedded Bulk-Emailer Mail or an external HTML editor. Purchasing custom templates from our professional web designers and emailing. Email marketing experts.

Create a list based on your permissions

  • The only effective (and legal) way to run bulk email campaigns. Emails only to people who have allowed you to send emails.
  • Our bulk email software makes it incredibly easy. Email templates by categories to choose the right one related to your business. Create layouts using embedded Bulk Emailer Mail or an external HTML editor.

Bulk Emailer fully power Tool. With Pro edition you get:

  • 230 templates
  • Unlimited lists
  • Segments
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Attachments
  • Calendar events
  • Exporting
  • Domains blacklist
  • Programmable tags
  • Searching Support
  • Faster sending with more connections

1 PC License, Reseller

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