Google Bing Search Extractor (Business Leads Scraper)


Google Bing Search Extractor Also, Business Leads Scraper by SOFT-0.COM Scrape maximizes large amounts of email addresses and phone numbers from google and bing search engines related to your business by keywords and targeted country, state, city, and area

Google Bing Search Extractor. When we talk about search engines, we basically refer to the two “giants” of the sector, for GOOGLE and BING. All websites in the world are present in these two search engines and therefore constitute the main source for those who want to intercept data from the web, in particular EMAIL addresses and PHONE numbers.

GoogleBing Search Extractor
GoogleBing Search Extractor interface

If you want to extract database email and phones from Google and Bing Search, or better from the get search results presented by these 2 search engines google/bing, You can now rely on our Google/Bing Search Extractor software. This is probably the very powerful and innovative WEB DATA EXTRACTOR as it relies directly on the biggest search engines to first capture the addresses (URLs) of sites listed in the results and then look for any email address in each of them. This tool is also able to capture further details of the results, such as the title and description of the site.

Here are the simple steps you should follow to use GoogleBing Email Extractor and extract all possible email addresses and phone numbers for targeted country and specific keywords related to your business.

The strength of GoogleBing Email Extractor is that it will search all the places (capital letters) that appear in the upper right corner of the program (task) to maximize the number of emails/phones found. In addition to emails, the program will also search for all phone numbers (if they are published on the results page). Once you’ve finished searching and data capture, just click the Export Email (or Export Phone) button to save all data to a TXT, CSV, or EXCEL file. Then you can copy the data into Excel and remove any duplicates or create other filters.

To maximize the amounts of phone numbers

Go to SETTINGS and check the “Extract phone numbers from a website. This setting will slow down the retrieval of data as the software will look for phone numbers in addition to the email address.

Extract phone numbers from website
GoogleBing Search Extractor Settings checkbox for more scraping

In case the program closes during data extraction

No problem. Whenever you access SETTINGS, just click the AUTOMATIC FILE EXPORT button to access the folder where you can find the export file with all the data captured by the program.

If you let the program run for several hours

Google may temporarily block your searches. In this case, you can continue to use the program by switching from Google to BING. Go to Settings, click the CONNECTION tab, and then check the “Switch from Google to Bing” box. Then press OK to return to the original screen and continue data scraping.

If Software Closes During Data Extraction
GoogleBing Search Extractor if software closes during data extraction

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