Insta Poster Best Instagram Marketing Software 2023


What is Insta Poster

Today, all successful companies, business owners, and individuals understand social media marketing power and know the importance of social media marketing on Instagram. But engaging users through comments, likes, and the following is not easy. they often have to hire a team of social media experts for this task, which is time-consuming. and now here’s the Insta Poster Best Instagram Marketing Software.

Features Insta Poster (Instagram Marketing Software 2023)

  • BuiltIn Browser
  • Follow Post User by Username or Hashtag
  • Like Posts of Specific Username
  • Mention Anyone Easily on Specific User Posts or Hashtag Posts
  • Comment on Posts of Specific Users or by Hashtag
  • Unfollow Users by Username or by Hashtag
  • Unlike Posts of Specific Users or Hashtag
  • Do Actions as many posts as you want. (For Example. You can set a limit such as do like to only 10 posts or to all the posts)
  • Selected or Random Comments from the list
  • Delay Feature
  • Use Many Comments as you want (from the List)
  • Import & Export Comments to Use Later

1 PC License, Reseller

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