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What Is Monster Traffic Bot?

Monster Traffic Bot It is an advanced Traffic software written by SOFT-0.COM for Windows computers. Provide AdSense safe traffic with millions of unique devices (user-agents) and Fresh country-wise proxies.

Monster Traffic Bot Software Advantage

Monster Traffic Bot Simple Tool Meet your website’s needs. Can Do All These Things For You.

Increase Traffic

Can’t afford the ad network because your Alexa rank isn’t high enough? With our software, you can greatly increase rankings in no time with the help of the Alexa extension.

Increase video views

Send bulk views to your videos or rank in SERP results. Also, configure the software to watch videos on any video-sharing website using our custom script controls future.

Test Your Website in a Stress Test

Send automated traffic to see how your website is handling a spike in users

Sell traffic to Earn Money

Signup most popular freelancing websites like Upwork, Seo Clerks, Fiverr, and all others to sell traffic and earn handsome money! We have thousands of clients who make a steady income just by doing that.

Higher Ranking on SERP

You can use the search module to increase organic traffic to your website and reduce the bounce rate to rank higher in the SERP results.

Ads Clicking

Monster Traffic Software Click ads on your website or sell them as a service. Our custom script controls option allows you to click on any type of ads or popups found on your website.

Monster Traffic Bot features include

  • Multi-threaded: Unlimited thread usage makes this software different from others. If your PC is capable, you can send your views in no time.
  • Device emulation: This software can accurately emulate all types of devices in use today, making it one of the best traffic bots in the field.
  • Advanced fingerprinting: All the parameters of the Javascript navigator property will be changed to create a unique non-traceable browser identity
  • Designed for accuracy: The internal browser used by our software is specifically designed to bypass most anti-bot software and scripts

Benefits To Buy Our Traffic Software

  1. Free updates in a year
  2. Countrywise or worldwide free proxy
  3. Rotates free proxies during the execution of software
  4. Premium Scripts if you don’t have to start Use our scripts and customize
  5. Module auto task easy to use drag and drop script builder
  6. Free 999 windows devices (user-agents)
  7. Free 999 Mobile Devices (user-agents)(android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, and all other)
  8. Free 500 Referer Links
  9. Free 1000+ Google Referer Links
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