Privacy Policy

Information Collected
We only collect the information necessary for the registration procedure on our website or when we fill out the registration form on the site. The information we collect is sent to us voluntarily by customers. We collect customer personal information during the account registration on our site.

Personal identification details

Your personally identifiable information is used to process your product order, customize your profile information, internal use with legal requirements, update your online shopping status on our site, and also update our customers with our latest update news/changes, promotions, and events.


Your personal information, such as credit card details, and bank account numbers, are kept secret and confidential. We will never share any of your personal data with third parties. Our sites apply the appropriate security application to keep all customer information secure at all times.

Changes to our privacy policy has the right to make changes/updates to the content of the Privacy Policy without prior notice to customers. Please follow up on the Privacy Policy page of our website.


Our company website applies the appropriate security application to prevent third-party customers’ personally identifiable data, illegal disclosure, and hackers from leaking. However, please note that any information transmitted over the Internet is NOT 100% guaranteed and secure.

A policy of Guarantees and Commitments on Services

  1. The software has been developed based on the terms of the Facebook API, so you will never worry that your Facebook account is banned by Facebook.
  2. We are committed to providing support throughout the software licensing process.
  3. Support experience tips, and error handling during use (via live office hours on the website or by email).
  4. Continuously improve the product, and update the new version for free to complete the functions.
  5. Commitment not to disclose customer information or data, not to use accounts or tokens of any kind.
  6. Software code is based on API support, so we will not be responsible for refunds when unwanted changes. But we promise to always be in charge of correcting mistakes, replacing other similar products so that you always get the best benefits when using our products and services.
  7. we are not responsible if any software stopped working because the software works with APIs, also coin and bank funds are not refundable but we give replace and exchange software offers.
  8. To protect users and against cookies, we recommend that you consider it before ordering. We do not refund when you paid for the software.
  9. Any software purchased online directly from our website and properly downloaded is not eligible for a return.
  10. we give software can be activated on 1 PC / MACHINE. So, please triple-think where you want to place this select carefully we do not provide a new license if your hardware id is changed!! No, accept for request to change the machine for using the software! Can’t request for any reason (Laptop reinstalling/Broken Harddisk or anything else) Laptop reinstalling / Broken Harddisk or anything else you need to buy a new license key again!.

Return and refund policy

  1. The buyer confirms that the invoice and payment are for a service already delivered and the buyer confirms that he is satisfied with the software and the license and received it as described and this is not a prepaid service, his services are already finished and delivered as described since the software license cannot be sold to another customer when we generate it for the buyer.
  2. No refund requests will be received after license activation and will be sent to the buyer. We cannot refund after the buyer has used the software and obtained these benefits and confirmed that it is described.

Thanks for understanding.

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